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Education is a constant for me. My formal training began decades ago at the University for the Creative Arts in the UK. Gaining qualifications in Fashion design, manufacture and later promotion and Illustration. I cut my teeth here on a side of the industry that would take me all over the world and open my horizons far more that I could have imagined. As part of my training, photography clung to me as a deep passion but would take 10 years to fully materialize as a personal outlet alongside the fast pace life in New York. I moved to New York after working for Disney for many years and took a life changing role heading up a design team. The city was alive with colour and energy and I soaked up that time as it inspired me then and for years to come. In New York alongside my design team I worked with many private clients curating art walls and capturing personal moments for them. I also had the privilege to work for the American Red Cross as a photographer on scene at disaster sites, capturing a slice of life that's raw and too real for words. Photography however with instant imagery was able to share with a global audience the true emotion of the moment. 

I studied markets and trends all over the world and lived for the next 10 years between London, New York and LA. 

After taking time to work as a consultant for Disney I moved to Chicago and ran creative marketing for a retailer.

Finally we are in Vancouver, having worked for Lululemon in creative marketing I now focus my time on my passion project of photography, painting and mixed media fine art. 

Beautiful British Columbia it truly is a magical place that I share with my husband Mark and my three kids, Hudson and his twin sisters Chloe and lily. 



I have always been fascinated with light, I think that's where my passion for photography grew. This medium is all about light. I find myself constantly looking deeper at the world around me and find it hard to not get soaked up in the beauty that this world has to offer. I feel lost without my camera and walk, cycle, run and live watching refractions cascade around changing the shapes that surround us. I find beauty in the displacement of colour and wonder what new visual paintings will appeal as the light changes around me. 

During Covid I realized that I loved painting in a whole new way, being able to disappear in an image and combine mediums became a real therapy, it was my meditation, my yoga, my practice. 

I now work on private commissions, in photography, painting and mixed media.  

Nikki Baxendale